Two Huge Double Chocolate Cookies Recipe

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The Two-Huge-Cookies Reign Continues.

Do I really need another two huge cookies recipe in my life?

I mean, in a very real way… yes.

After I posted the original two huge chocolate chip cookies recipe, someone sent me a DM on Instagram and said, can you do a recipe for this same thing but for your chocolate cookies recipe?

(Which happens to be one of my favorite cookies of all time, and also happens to be an extremely large-batch recipe.)

So one night, in my pajamas, after I had put the girls to bed, I got out my cocoa powder and my butter and my sugar and I answered the call.

It was magical from the first batch. I picked up the cookie – heavy and dense. Perfect. I broke the cookie apart and watched the melty chocolate chips waterfall out the middle – gooey, luscious, a little excessive. Perfect.

I took one bite – warm, overwhelmingly fudgy and dark, thick through the middle, sparkly with sugar, and crisped up on the bottom and exterior to give you just a tiny bit of crunch and contrast. PERFECT!

Oooh baby. These are good. You can use dark cocoa powder if you want them extra rich (like what’s pictured at the top) or regular cocoa powder for something a little more tame, but still delicious (like what’s pictured below).

The good news is, if you think about it hard enough, there’s probably a good reason to make them, like, right now.

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