Honey Chipotle Chicken Skewers Recipe

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Prepare For a Lot Of Finger Licking.

Bjork is still rocking the protein guy life, and, okay, I’m trying to eat more protein too, so we make chicken A LOT right now. And as much as I love the absolute all-star air fryer chicken (which is to the maximum), lately I’ve been mixing it up with these honey chipotle chicken skewers.

First of all, these chicken skewers have been approved 10x by my family – every time I make these, I get the thumbs up from my husband AND my girls. The flavor mix is so easy: smoky chipotle, honey and orange, a good amount of taco seasoning, and a bit of fresh garlic. The flavor is sticky, sweet, and smoky all in one. FINGER LICKING DELICIOUS! We have been coming back to them again and again.

Secondly, it’s not complicated at all, but look how pretty!

You don’t have to use the skewers. But come on – they are SO lovely and so fun! If you are looking for something to just shake up the very repetitive daily grind of dinners (it me!), it’s worth the 5 minutes for a little fun skewer showcase moment at dinnertime.

Plus, skewers make these extremely grill-friendly! I have been air frying them, but they are just begging to be grilled. I can feel it.

Chicken, corn, and rice in a bowl with pickled onions.

We like this with corn dip, pickled onions, and green rice. WOW – it is a power combo. I crave those leftovers like nobody’s business. But these chicken skewers also play well with black beans and avocado corn salsa, or thrown on a southwestern-style salad, or tucked into a tortilla for a taco moment!

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